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from washington d.c. to may or washington state to arizona means passing through states that have weak drunk driving laws, did not ban text driving laws, did not ban text messaging, do not require that use a booster seat for your child, have life-threatening with -- life-threatening loopholes in teen driving laws and an adequate enforcement of seat belt and motorcycle helmet laws. and worst states, there were 10 in the green category. the top to in this category are the district of columbia, i got credit for 13.5 lost and the state of new jersey, with credit for 13 lost. the other states are illinois, thank you center, maryland, new york, north carolina, oregon, tennessee, minnesota, california, and washington. there are nine worst states this year. we added, unfortunately, six new states to that category. they are arizona, virginia, vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebraska. in order of ranking, the states in the worst category having fewer than half of these 15 basic laws are south dakota with only three of the laws, arizona, north dakota, wyoming, va., vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebra
in "the washington post." he plans to propose new limits on the size and investments of large banks, according to a senior administration official of the white house, to refrain the financial reform agenda as an effort to rein in the companies largely to blame in the crisis. we will now take you to the floor of the house of representatives. three indian water rights measures on their docket today. live coverage begins momentarily. guest[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father coughlin. chaplain coughlin: almighty god , true humility will not automatically come to us when we choose to bow our heads in prayer or when we acknowled
was first elected to congress, our family moved to washington and we joined adas israel congregation in washington, d.c. it is the largest conservative synagogue in our nation's capital and one of the oldest. it also has the reputation for outreach to young families in washington, d.c.. we have been members for more than 30 years. rabbi steinlauf cave to adas israel in 2008 to serve as the senior rabbi. he made his mark as a charismatic, dynamic spiritual leader. it's a great pleasure to get to know him and his family. originally from jericho, new york, rabbi steinlauf was ordained in 1998 at the jewish theological seminary in new york. he graduated from princeton in 1991 with honors and also studied in jerusalem and the university of judaism now known as the american jewish university which is located in my district in los angeles. rabbi steinlauf is joined by his wife and his children, his parents, some of his extended family and a proud delegation of adas israel. thank you, rabbi steinlauf, for your inspirational words. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to 15 additional one
and across the country, listen to c-span radio in washington on 90.1 fm, 1 xm satellite radio. c-span radio, covering washington like no other. >> of reaping now on counterterrorism efforts in yemen. secretary clinton will be meeting with arab leaders. daniel benjamin speaks with reporters, followed by a spokesman p.j. crowley. this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to the department of state. this week secretary clinton will travel to london. she will leave tomorrow night and will participate on wednesday in an international meeting on yemen, and then thursday at the international conference on afghanistan. but i thought to kind of put our current relationship with yemen into context and the ongoing efforts to work with yemen on security, we thought it would be a good time to bring to the briefing room ambassador at large and coordinator for counter-terrorism here at the state department dan benjamin, just to get a little background on this. and i am sure you might have some questions on activities over the weekend as well. so with that, we will start off with dan benjamin
a "the washington post." the administration requested to the $92 million in aid for haiti including $33 million for improving government services and $62 million for economic growth. orlando, fla., on the independent line. caller: geographically in haiti is right on our doorstep. the issue is to get the supplies there as quickly as possible to the suffering people. it has been three days. i understand the airport is congested and there is destroyed infrastructure. i believe that there is an aircraft carrier coming with helicopters. host: yes, according to a "the wall street journal," is another aircraft carrier on its way. caller: this was a war maneuver, believe me, that aircraft carrier would have been there. the supplies would have been lowered down to the people. i have one more comment. the caller from arkansas that says it is not our responsibility to foot the bill, if he is a christian what about being your brother's keeper? is it more convenient to cherry pick? host: leesburg, va., on our life for democrats. caller: first, i think we should write off the pat robertson comment be
at the white house several times. elsewhere in washington this afternoon, a discussion on u.s. policy toward afghanistan, ambassador richard holbrooke will be speaking about the administration's policy. he had to afghanistan and pakistan next week. we will have live coverage of his comments in just over an hour at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c- span2. and then tom vilsack here at the state department here in washington. a set -- a special briefing about the agriculture system in afghanistan. >> american icons, three original documentaries from c- span now available on dvt. a unique journey through the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. see the exquisite detail of the supreme court. go beyond the velvet ropes of public tours of the white house, america's most famous home. and explore the history, art, and architecture of the capital. american icons, a three disk dvd set. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. it is available at c-span.org /stohr. >> several political retirement an announcement over the last couple of days. representative chris murphy of connecticut sounds a
in washington, not only the nature of partisanship and the combative nature of how things have become more combative since he first got here, but he was somewhat of a critic of the obama administration so that their focus on health care and climate change was misplaced and they should be focused on jobs. he is a classic prairie populist. he is young enough that if he retires from the senate now, he can have another career. he has written some books and he likes to lecture. he would be well courted for lobbying. he has lots of different options in front of him. >> is north dakota a possible republican pickup. >> it absolutely is. in a sense, the two we're talking about, one has gone from leans republican to likely democrat and this other one from heavily favored democrats in north dakota to probably republican. the very, very popular governor of north dakota is a little bit like richard blumenthal. he has been talked about as a senate canada for many years. he won a third term with 70% of the vote. he was reluctant to take on byron dorgan, but now he will probably be talked into doing it. >
and to provide that for public safety. what we need to see is leadership, here in washington. you have heard or you will hear from the public safety people who say how important this is that we are able to communicate and not just law enforcement to law enforcement but law enforcement talking to fire services to emergency services people. everyone must be able to communicate. they must be able to talk and send data between each other and it's very important that the people in washington, our leaders and elected officials take a leadership position and provide us with the tools so we can make our communities at home safe. >> thank you, chief lane. i introduce chief bob hendricks. >> i represent about 120 chiefs of the major cities across the united states. and the thing i guess that is most important here is to recognize that this is not just about big cities, this is about all of those communities and all can benefit from it. and what we have learned is that because of economist of scale and -- economies of scale and so many factors by allocating this particular brand will allow the patrol p
weekend schedule booktv.org. >> in the nation's capital, listen to c-span radio. in washington, at 90.1 fm. it is also a free application for your iphone. c-span radio, covering washington like no other. yesterday, in london, representatives from other -- other countries met to set goals for the future of afghanistan. president karzai told a conference that his company -- country was moving slowly toward national security. of the next 45 minutes, british and afghan leaders and the un secretary general outline their goals. general mcchrystal has the international forces serving with such distinction in afghanistan and soon to be over 100,000 strong. foreign ministers, distinguished guests representing over 70 nations and international organizations, including every single member of the 43 nation strong international security assistance force. representing also afghanistan's key regional and muslim partners with whom we are pleased to work and his involvement in this worldwide coalition to support peace and stability in this crucial region are especially welcome to. this is a decisive time f
sister. i got to sit next to them. she was a nurse who moved to washington to care for her brother. left her career behind. and he explained to me how he stepped on an i.e.d. in afghanistan and lost both of his legs. then just four months later he finished a half marathon. the courage -- yes. [applause] the courage and optimism of both he and his sister was breathtaking. their continued love of life and of country was something to behold. and i will always remember all of the wives and husbands, all the moms and dads the president and i have met at arlington on memorial day and veterans day and all around the country. spouses who have lost their begs friend in the world -- best friend in the world. parents who have laid their children to rest. and as a wife, as a mother i simply cannot imagine the depth of their pain and loss. yet every time i meet them, they show a strength and a resolve that always leaves me in awe. their sacrifice reminds us all that our men and women in uniform as well as their families are our nation's greatest military asset. so at every one of these visits that i
-american leadership. he'll discuss his book with "washington post" national editor on "afterwards" part of this weekend's book tv on c-span2. a couple minutes we are expected to hear from president obama on relief efforts in haiti. news reports indicate that the president will appoint former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush to represent the u.s. in recovery efforts in hatey. we'll hear more about that momentarily with the president at the white house. in the your comments and calls and news items from thisw3 morning's "washington journal." washington, president and ceo of interaction. thanks for being with us this morning. we would like to get to your telephone calls about pat robertson topos a contribution to this debateç >> we had a bit of technical difficulty. there again we are waiting for the president momentarily at the white house. this morning on the topics from washington journal.i]xdçç caller: good morning, mr. robertson's comments are just tunningly ignorant. it's one thing to hold such opinions, it's another thing to be so stupid as to voice them. what i did
the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c., january 22, 2010. i hereby appoint the honorable donna s.e wards to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father coughlin. cough cough the chaplain: the chaplain: be with our members of government as they work in action. may haiti be a paraable of your redeeming love, lifting your people from slavery to freedom from death to new life. when the media has tired of its story, lord, allow the commitment of liberation and justice to go that the good news of your faithful presence will overcome the shadowy image of death and destruction. so may your people rejoice, lord, in finding the treasure of your kingdom. here, even on earth. for your gospel story will last, forever and ever. amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house her approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1, the journal stands approved. the chair
look at the "washington post" -- last call for jim campbell. jackie on the independent line. caller: you avoided a couple of questions. one man asked about the investment and better technology by texaco. you also never entered the question on wages. general motors has a two-tiered wage system. it would no -- it would be nice to know what they are. it should be public knowledge. when you lower people's wages -- i want to know what wages you pay in western europe and in the south american countries compared to what you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the salt salt [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> "washington
don't know where washington's next move is going. and so we said, let's just freeze domestic discretionary spending at last year's level. my goodness, every small business owner, every family in this country is having to go through that exercise and frankly is having to cut not just freeze. and in the same way the suggestion that perhaps republicans wouldn't support transparency and an even playing field and regulations that will control the amount of leverage on wall street, that's silly, of course we support efforts like that. but what we do know is this administration and frankly the majority in congress has been very slow at getting the message out to auditors, regulators in the field that they should be reflecting the sentiments that the secretary treasury and the chairman of the federal reserve has said which is, we need to return back to some sense of normalcy. some sense of normal i -- normalcy in the assessment of risk because we all know this country has been built on entrepreneurialism, on opportunity. it is not that we have seen our prosperity come from this gover
in the hemisphere. we have different priorities now. we are slow in washington on the hill and in the white house to come to that understanding. host: what is the political landscape in latin america? how has the landscape changed politically down there? guest: there is a much more diverse ideological group of countries such as venezuela and ecuador and bolivia which are not very friendly to the united states or to the market economy. on the other hand, we have a prpragmatic president likelula in central america. we have the problem of cuba and we have a terrible problem with haiti. host: on the issue of haiti, there is an article about a question of commitment and can the united states lead a long effort to rebuild haiti. what will the u.s. effort their say about our overall commitment to latin america in general? guest: the united states is best served by multilateral action. for example, the united nations peacekeeping force in haiti has been let for a number of years successfully by brazil. host: they were there when the earthquake happened? guest: they began the first efforts to help the hai
's "washington journal." . l street journal." host: we would like to get to your calls. we will begin with chantilly, virginia. mauricio of the republican line. caller: we need to understand where google and youtube, from -- they were bought last year by the cia. we all a lot of money to china, ok? the deal is it, the government is controlling everything. when you put a video on youtube now days talking about government, it is being removed. it is being removed because they don't want people to know the truth about the things we do around the world. i do not know where this is going to go. but we need to wake up. host: before you go, you asserted that the cia has a majority shareholder interest in google? where did you find that information? caller: besides c-span, i don't listen to the media because i cannot listen to the media. i get my information through a website network that is growing so fast. they only started last april. he was only in one state and now he is in 11 states. host: you heard about this alleged cia investment in google from there? caller: it is a lot of informati
the american academy of pediatrics. he brings the perspective of many years at the center here in washington. he heads the child advocacy institute. we are delighted that you could join us. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is dr. joseph wright. i'm a pediatric emergency physician and the senior vice president at children's national medical center. i had to the child health advocacy institute. i practiced in level one trauma centers for more than 20 years. i was direct witness to the fact that motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death for 16 to 20-year olds in this country each year. approximately 450,000 teenagers are injured each year. of those killed, approximately 63% of our drivers and 37% are passengers. 2/3 of the passengers who die in car crashes are male. what we have to remember in what we have already heard is that each and every one of these cases represents an individual and family tragedy. lives end and changed forever. as the father of two young men in the highest risk category, i'm not only professionally concerned, but very personally concerned about
variable costs. you could have at centralized and somebody in washington who would not understand the connecticut market trying to understand this question is -- trying to answer those questions over the phone. what you will have the scale economies on and some of the enforcement things are all so variable. the web site, corporate overhead, and i don't know about the 100,000 as a reasonable trigger point for adequate risked pooling, but our experience is somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 is where you get a diminishing returns on scale. if they turn out to the super stuff you could do with 10 million people, which is bigger than any state in exchange, you could have a national utility exchange run by the feds. they could and should make that available to states with their own exchanges. >> go right ahead. >> i am with a national partnership for women and families. to go off to what you mentioned with the regional exchanges, it the senate language prevails and reform regional exchanges, how they reconcile the difference with trading rules and other regulations? will they have to
have major washington has been detailed to my office and his firsthand knowledge has been already helpful. and one of the things that i think we should emphasize in the immediate hours tragically is to secure a unit from the military who are able to set up temporary morgues. i hate to say that but that's what we face. let me tell you why. in listening to the leadership in haiti, haiti's prime minister told cnn that he believes there are well over 100,000 dead. we don't know that, but these are government officials who have said that number, and a leading senator estimated the number as possibly as high as 500,000. again, we don't have an affirmation of these numbers, but these are leaders who are on the ground and i believe it's very important. eight american employees at the embassy was injured. three were medevaced. we believe three u.s. citizens were died, currently reported by the individual. i start off by saying that the houston downtown rotary club has a delegation in haiti as of yesterday, and we are working to ensure their return. let me say thank you to the u.s. embassy,
gathered them in a room in washington and we said to them, what we do not want to happen is, we do not want to use taxpayer money to have a high speed rail going and then have the equipment built somewhere else. we want it built in america with american workers. [applause] we have companies from other countries, france, spain, germany, and asia in america today looking at facilities, looking at opportunities where our train sets and our infrastructure can be built in america. and it will be, and it will be using our workers who know how to manufacture. that will be a boon, i think, to our economy and send a good message that our people know how to build trains, and also the infrastructure for that. we are just at the starting point. but the future is very bright for this. >> mr. secretary, i have three grandchildren. i know that they will be in their productive years in the 40's and 50's. if we do not get started now -- we appreciate the strong beginnings of the obama administration. starting now is an absolute essential. and the confidence we have in all the different parts of the country
of the chairman of the board of governors in washington for them to serve. it is a delicate balance of checks and balances and congress designed that system. >> it is largely private banks that elected you and i would like you to provide that for the record. the cleveland fed is not equal to the new york fed. i'm interested to your answer for the record. number three, goldman sacks was the largest recipient of funds in this counter party arrangement. now as treasury secretary, your chief of staff is the gatekeeper for access to you. could you please provide his name? >> his name is mark patterson. >> thank you. >> for whom did he work before you selected him as your chief of staff? >> he worked for the president's transition team. >> before that. which wall street firm? >> this is a matter of public record and you know the answer to this question. he worked for goldman sacks. >> thank you very much. you answered my question. let me say this. you have answered the question. you answered the question. thank you. the aig transaction was disturbing to many observers. why did your government not r
. the perception is, my perception on this whole thing is that we need to clean house in washington right now. we need to get the common folks, the working people like us blue- collar workers engaged and tell our representatives that you better start following the constitution instead of trying to do away with it. >> we're going to let you go. it looks like the news conferences starting. -- it looks like the news conference is starting. >> we are pleased that the president accepted our invitation and came to baltimore today and have a dialogue with our members. i thought the dialogue went very well. a lot of discussion about the solutions that we've offered to the administration into our democrat colleagues all year. the fact that we want to continue to find common ground. we are not always going to agree. i think it did become clear in the conversation today with the president that there are issues that we do agree upon. when their lunch together in 2000 page bills -- when they are lumped together in 2000 page bills, which typically find a lot of things we disagree on. if we break these down int
national security adviser for the bush administration, thank you for being our guest on "washington journal." the whole weekend of activities going on on c-span and on c- span2. book tv on the weekends. if you want to find out what is on a 48 hours of nonfiction books, go to booktv.org. i will point out that david wessel will be interviewed by alice rivlin talking about the fed. that will be on book tv this week and did you can watch it all live online at a booktv.org. enjoy your weekend. thanks for being with us. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . >> just after 10:00 a.m. we plan to bring you a discussion on afghanistan's election. we will record that program at the u.s. institute of peace and show it to you later. negotiations are underway on a health-care bill on capitol hill. if the house and senate proposed a different ways to increase access to health insurance. the alliance for health reform will hold a discussion of the insurance exchanges. we will have live coverage on c- span. hillary clinton will be c
, and on behalf of the members and myself, we will continue to do what is necessary here in washington for the short term goals. we know there will have to be a long-term road map, and we are in the process now unfold in the road map as we move along, so that we can have a new haiti. congressman hastings. >> thank you all for being here. madame chair, my compliments to you for the extraordinary efforts of you and your staff on behalf of the circumstances that we are here about. i know that all my colleagues agree that there is not an of sorrow that can be expressed for the people of haiti and all those affected by this tragic event. secretary napolitano's announcement regarding temporary protective status for haitians comes at an extremely critical time, as all of us know. it becomes important, in my view, for us to post, and i am supplying all the members of congress with that information. i complement the administration again for expeditiously handling these matters. here is where we are with reference to temporary protective status. aliens who wish to apply for tps must file an appl
washington post" today, it says haiti government its minimal 8, less than a penny on each u.s. dollar is sent to leadership. that is almost certainly true. none of this money that is pouring into haiti is going to the government. it is not my area of expertise, but just a few examples from the last two weeks in haiti, before the hurricane, looking at the budget of money going to the un presence there, the budget for information technology was larger than the combined budget of the ministry of health and the ministry of education together. during the hurricane were we told the roads were blocked and there was no one there, that was not true. the roads were not blocked, and the director of public health was at his post, but he had no tools to do any thing. right after the recent earthquake, i was with the minister of communication. she did not have a phone. i gave her my phone. this kind of absurdities go on and on. the university hospital, when we got there late at night, at 10:00 at night we found the director of the hospital and the director of nursing who had herself just had a branch of th
"the washington note," and appears regularly on television and radio. he was the first executive director of the nixon center. will is the president and founder of the progressive policy institute which modernizes progressive politics for the local stage. they helped create many of the new democrat ideas for the clinton administration and influences and works with european parties as well. he is the co editor include " memos to the new president," and others. finally, ronald steel professor emeritus of international relations at the university of southern california. he has previously taught at texas, dartmouth, rutgers, ucla, and princeton. he has a problem holding down a job. [laughter] he ended up in a good place. he has written in lots of other places, so really a terrific group. he is the editor for "the american interest" in a predecessor he was a staff member for the national security study group that the u.s. commission on national security which is the commission and an aide to haig. he was at penn and has authered several books. welcome adam to get us started. [applause
national cable satellite corp. 2010] . elsewhere in washington, a discussion on u.s. policy toward afghanistan and pakistan. richard holbrooke will be at the parking institution today to talk about the obama administration policy. but coverage at 2:30 eastern. we will be joined by tomah vilsack for everything at the state department. in his -- for a briefing at the state department. >> the new c-span video library is a digital archive of c-span programming from barack obama to ronald reagan and everyone in between. over 157,000 hours now available to you. it is fast and free. try it out. >> vice chair of the federal reserve and economist martin feldstein at the meeting in atlanta. they will talk about the economic policies of the first year of the obama administration. this is just over two hours. >> good morning. >> this is the andrew brimmer 81.his forum this forum was organized in the spring of 2008. the forum itself will start in boston in the year 2000 and since that time the association has been good a enough to allow me to sponsor this forum every year since so this is the 1
that we made for the book. unlike a lot of exchanges and washington and journalism generally, between reporters and sources, with the terms are not defined but there is assumed to be commonality, or they are defined on the fly, we have meticulously and carefully in every exchange we had a free interview we did went through the project, the terms we are discussing, and we did not violate those terms for any person to talk to a to the book. host: melvin on the democrats' line. caller: i have more of a comment and i wanted to address a couple of issues. there are people saying that barack obama is not living up to his campaign promises. but my main point -- you heard a lot of people talk about concern about deficit spending. i don't think they realize that when ronald reagan took office in 1980, the deficit was $980 billion. one him and george bush sr. left office, it was ordered $5 trillion. clinton left a surplus -- it was $405 trillion. clinton left a surplus, and the deficit was $10.90 trillion when obama took over. where democrats get all the blame for the spending when it is actual
much. that is it for today's "washington journal." we go to the pentagon where we are expecting an update on haiti. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . [no audio]. >> we are expecting a video link from the unified task force in haiti. the pentagon is having a problem with the signal from haiti. we will have this news conference live want to get under way. "the new york times"report that the united nations is agreeing to send an additional 3500 soldiers and police officers to haiti. we will have the news conference live until it starts today as election day in massachusetts pretty special senatorial election. spoke to a reporter on this morning's "washington journal per-quo ♪ c." all eyes on bay state ballot. what is the turnout strategy for both candidates today? guest: i think on the democratic side, martha coakley's supporters -- democrats tend to have an evanish on the ground on election day because they outnumber republicans but they are trying to stop this surge of brown that sort of dominated
.s.. thank you for being with us this morning. we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 for more "washington journal." the house is coming into session now. guest speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer today will be offered by chaplain father coughlin. chaplain coughlin: lord god, creator of heaven and earth, eternal shepherd of the living and the dead, as our nation unite -- reunite with other nations of the world and pray for our suffering brothers and sisters in the poverty stricken and earth shaken nation of haiti, have mercy on us all. we beg you to help all the people of haiti and all their needs. come to the aid of the afflicted, take pity on the helpless and the most vulnerable. raise up the fallen as well as the ruins where human life and human remains may still be hidden. restrain the wayward and sustain the broken hearted. bring compassion to those who mourn and eternal life to those who are buried in anonymity. for your people of haiti, we call upon you, lord, as the ever lasting redeemer and res
. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., january 13, 2010. i hereby appoint the honorable shelley berkley to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend samuel , congregational christian church of american samoa. the chaplain: [speaking samoan] god, faith of our fathers and lord of our homage, we embrace you and one another in heart and soul, thought and mind giving you praise and trusting your faithfulness. bless this day and your service. o lord, help us to remember the proclamation from ages past where there is no vision, people perish. let us be visionary in our decisionmaking, particularly those resolved by the leadership of our nation. grant this congress the ability to see, the faith to believe, and the courage to leap forward in their journey of determination for tranquility and peace. upholding those virtues by which all may benefit from in our home of the brave and th
and washington are very strong in our support for a china that plays those constructive roles. i think it is also the case that this new government, and tokyo has made clear that they want to move beyond some of the historical challenges that have plagued sino-japan relations and have developed a deeper, stronger bond. it is important for the united states to underscore that we support that process. and we think that can contribute to a better atmosphere and strategic dynamics in the asian-pacific region. and we also think it's important increasingly for countries involved in engagement strategy with china to coordinate more closely together. i think the statement speaks for itself and it does underscore that one of the most important futures of global politics is china's rise in the asia-pacific region. can take a couple more questions. anyone else? ok. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> just to continue on, i've got several announcements before taking your questions. the go
10 words, but my team is still education. knowing we were going to be in washington, i could not " scientists and engineers. i will give you a quotation from a political leader on that. i think i'll get the whole thing right. all those that have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on educating their use -- youth. was that obama? was that bush? was that clinton? it was aristotle. there's not a lot of news here. we have got to get a lot more people out there innovating, and even the ones that may not go out there -- we have got to get the public at least capable of understanding enough technology that they can rationally figure out what the real issues are. my prediction is the public, down at that individual level now, is becoming more and howard and more educated, and the big slower-moving things like governments and companies are becoming less of the high interest institutions that have slowed progress. i suspect innovation would become faster and more easily acceptable because of the crisis we have, and that is a go
to be back in january. and it's always nice to get out of washington. it is. and spend a little time with the people who send me to washington . [cheers and applause] >> now, i spoke with you about where we've been over the past year and where i believe we need to go. and i said what all you know from your own lives. these are difficult times, these are challenging times for our country. and last two years, we have gone through the deepest recession since the great depression. think about that. a big chunk of the people here, certainly the younger people here have never even seen a recession. it doesn't registers on their minds. this is the toughest thing that the country has gone through economically since the 1930's. in tampa, like so many other communities across our country, has felt lost jobs, home foreclosures and definedling savings and this storm came at the end of what some call a lost decade because what happened between 2,000 and now was a decade in which paychecks shrink and jobs barely grew and the cost of everything from health care to college education went up. irrespo
in washington is about our best long-term interest as a nation, not as what is in our best short-term expedient interest. so what has to happen is that we have to start seeing the hard votes taken or taking people out of office that are not willing to make those hard choices. that is how we will restore the confidence. it does not mean that right or left is more correct than the other. we should restore that confidence and having an honest debate about the differences rather than playing games like we saw in the health care bill or thei] gotcha politics of goig after harry reid and saying that is the big issue of the day. that is not the big issue of the day. it response that the government is accountable is a big issue. we need to stay focused on what is important. the anger will go away as the confidence returns. it is true through open and honest dialogue an honest disagreement. my wife does not agree with 20% of the stuff i do in washington. i live with her and i have had her at close hand to be able to change her. i do not expect you to agree on everything. there should be an honest debate
is our guest. we conclude with a round of applause for the students here at the washington center. [applause] host: and also to our host here at the jack morton auditorium. thanks for being with us. guest: guest: my pleasure. this is a great audience. thank you. host: we are going to a news conference with mitch mccon al back from afghanistan and other republican leaders including lisa murkowski and mica sell of delaware, live here on c-span. we will be back at 7:00 a.m. east coast time. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . the confusion surrounding detention policy. from the top to bottom, the military people that we talked to indicated some confusion operationally about what you do when you detain a terrorist. this confusion, in my view, one general, for example, did not want to answer the question without turning to his lawyer who was also in the room. this operational confusion has been created unnecessarily and frankly, dangerously, by the a demonstration. in fact, there are at least to standards of
washington is recognized. mr. hastings: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, i am pleased to yield as much time as he may consume to the ranking member of the national park forest and national public land committee, mr. bishop. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from utah is recognized. mr. bishop: thank you, madam speaker. i thank the gentleman from washington for yielding me some time. it is with mixed emotions that i speak on this particular bill. this is not the worst bill that our committee has ever produced. we have produced some real stinkers that we've hidden in other pieces of legislation. however, it is symbolic of the problem that this administration and leaders of this congress have. we have a secretary of interior who every time we wish to use federal land to actually help improve the lives of americans or creating jobs will always yell that we have a process we have to do. we cannot commit a rush to judgment. and now when we have a piece of territory, land that will be taken off the tax rolls in a territory that is in deep financial problems today, this historic c
, and ron. [applause] kççç >> so in washington today, president obama meeting with some 20 government officials, revealing -- reviewing the flight 253 plot. the president will announce airline safety measures. live coverage later today on c- span about 4:00 eastern. the president will be meeting later with democratic leaders from capitol hill. speaker pelosi and house democratic leader steny hoyer will meet with the doesn't this evening on health-care negotiations. the house and senate are back next week -- will meet with the president this evening on health-care negotiations. the house and senate are back next week. again, the u.s. house and senate back next week. they came in today for performance sections -- sessions with the senate back on gender 20, the house back on january 12. coming up tomorrow, the house of governments, the british house of commons returns. the first prime minister is questioned. >> there is less than a month left to enter c-span's 2010 student cam contest. $50,000 in prizes. top five -- top five -- top prize, $5,000. creag a five-minute video on one of our c
focuses more on terrorism. host: we are talking to susan page, washington bureau chief. why do you think something like this could still happen? caller: because terrorists are smart and organized. the chairman of the 9/11 commission said we are looking at what happened on christmas day for what went wrong. al qaeda is looking at id and asking what went wrong from their point of view. they will make adjustments in change their strategy. that is the constant challenge when you are trying to address terrorism. host: what did you take away from the demeanor of general jones? caller: it is clear that he takes this seriously. he is a very methodical man, a former marine general. he has a command focus on this issue at the moment. host: the think anyone will be let go? some are saying it is time for someone to be fired. caller: general john said we have had two strikes, the fort hood shooting and the christmas day bombing. they should have been acted on and were not. he said we do not want to have a third strike. i wonder if the three strikes analogy was a warning to officials in intelligence a
. most of you probably read the op-ed and "the washington post" yesterday. al qaeda it is doubling down on trying to discredit the pakistani regime and they are increasing their efforts to coopt the public opinion around the israeli, -- israeli- palestinian issue. >> thank you. next set of questions. >> as stated, there is no relation between the schools. how the differences between some of the schools where there. [inaudible] as people are fighting in the mountains, all of this support is coming from an arab countries supporting them. this was the burgeoning credit to topple another regime. they create this monster and they live in the desert. >> if we could get to the question. >> who is making in new lebanon? >> i think that al qaeda is becoming divided and abu yahya is not a new bin laden but an opponent. is this a possibility? >> as you are charting the development of abu yahya as he goes along, or are you getting any information about where bin laden is an all of this? what does that actually mean, is bin laden already out or already gone? >> thank you. >> the question of who made
and not bullets. that was proven yesterday in massachusetts. the way things are running in washington, d.c. the truth is purposely hidden from the people and the question is why, why can't the people see through c-span what is taking place behind closed doors? because it's giving power to government and not to the people. and that's why we aren't being allowed to see what is taking place. it's about making the phrase we the people, changing that phrase to we the subjects and that's why we the people aren't allowed to see what is taking place behind these closed doors and in secret. spending, taxing, regulating and borrowing, that's what is taking place and nothing more than they won't tax. freedom is never more than one generation of extinction. it must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same. one day, we'll spend our sunset years telling our children and children's children what it was once like in the united states where people were free. legislation, mr. speaker, especially the most important in recent years, health care should be done openly, openly so we can s
. you quoted "the miami herald" today, but in "the washington post" today there's something of equal note. it says haiti government gets minimal aid, less than a penny of u.s. dollar is sent to leadership and that's certainly true. none of this money pouring into haiti is going to the government. i just want to say if that is an effective way or not i don't know. that's not my area of expertise. just a few examples from the last two weeks in haiti. i mean, before the hurricane looking at the budgets of money going to, for example, the u.n. presence there, the budget for i.t., information technology, was larger than the combined budget i believe of the ministries of health and ministry of education together. during the hurricane when we were told that the roads were blocked and the city was unaccessible and nobody was there, that was not true. the roads were not blocked and the director of public health was at his post but did not have any tools to do anything. i was with right after the recent earthquake with the minister of communication, she did not have a phone. you know, i gave h
to hang around the little but at the washington auto show. the ceo of ford is making a speech. we will show that to you later. that is ford motor co. president and ceo alan mulally. we appreciate your calls this morning. we'll take it to capitol hill for a hearing on aviation security and like to order 53. the chairman will be joe lieberman of connecticut. the two featured speakers, witnesses, tom kaine, and lee hamilton, former chairman and vice-chairman of the national commission on terrorist attacks upon the u.s., the 9/11 commission. that will run a couple of hours and we will be live until the house cavils and tha. enjoy your day. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . ç>> the hearing will come to order. this is the second in a series of hearings will examine where the intelligence reforms in the wake of the attack of 9/11 are working. toefor in the light of recent terrorist attacks and the ongoing threat in what we have done earlier may need further reform so that we cannot fulfill our responsibili
will truly be said. host: we will have more calls tomorrow morning on "washington journal", and you will have a chance to see the president's comments spurred we will show them again at 8:00 p.m. eastern, here on c-span. the house was in session today, the start of the second session. no real business today. that will resume all week from today on january 12. live coverage of the house on c- span. the senate comes back by january 20. that on c-span to. -2. the british house of commons has come back from their break. gordon brown taking questions, that is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. we spoke to an expert on al qaeda and yemen about the presence of al qaeda in that country and what is ahead. here is a look. host: richard fontaine joins us from the center for new american securities to talk to us about al qaeda in yemen. good morning and welcome to the program. guest: morning. host: in the financial times this morning as well as in other papers they are talking about al qaeda seemingly making a haven or seeking to make yemen a safe haven. why is this so attractive for them to be there? >> well, t
this morning's world section of "of the washington post." -- section of "the washington post." next caller. caller: happy new year. one thing that was not on the books, after years of people trying to get attention, they did not even enforce the rules on the books. when you come to the housing crisis the most disturbing thing is that people were led into second mortgages that they could not afford to pay and they wound up losing their house. i thought that was an error on the part of lending. it is very unfortunate when a person's income does not allow them to get this large extra amount of financing on their house and they cannot afford it. host: darrow, republican line. your thoughts? caller: that gentleman that called about apathy, he needs money to know that. i cannot believe that ben bernanke is complaining about regulations for mortgages when 1994 as a mortgage regulation act, the fed was given the power and they did nothing. no. 3, ben bernanke reminds me of the governor of texas, in that movie, open-" this -- in the movie, "of the biggest little whorehouse in texas." -- in the movi
-span2. >> this weekend, tufts univew peniel joseph will discuss his book with the "washington post" national editor on c-span2. >> the deadline is approaching to enter c-span's 2010 studentcam contest. $50,000 in prizes to high school students. -- to middle and high school students. the $5,000 to the top prize. enter before midnight, january 20. winning entries will be shown on c-span. go to studentcam -- toward and upload your project today. -- gutu studentcam.org and of loader project today. "abraham lincoln" a unique and contemporary perspective from 56 scholars, a journalist -- and journalists. it is in hard cover of your favorite bookseller and in digital audio available where digital audio downloads are sold. learn more at c-span.org /lincolnbook. >> now look at the role of the hearing crisis commission. from this morning's "washington journal" this is 45 minutes. booktv.org. >> "washington journal" continues. host: of former -- former senator bob graham is with us. it was a continuing ceo's of some of the nation's largest financial companies. he is here to talk about what he
in the last number of months reflect the fact that people are not that comfortable with washington, d.c., big government playing god in everybody's lives. and that's one of the concerns and why this is not particularly popular. i notice that we have joining us this evening a doctor, somebody who has spent years in the health care profession and has really been in the middle of it providing that doctor-patient relationship. he knows the subject far better than this poor old engineer does, and i'd like to yield some time to my good friend who just joined me a little bit on this health care topic. i was running through some of the reasons why people aren't that excited about this big government takeover of health care and why you're seeing a lot of people voting saying i'm not sure we're on the right track with this. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and thank you for yielding. as congressman akin has said, i spent the last 31 years ago -- 31 years practicing medicine. i practiced medicine in memphis, tennessee. we have to back up and think what the problem was, what problem we are trying to solve. and
's washington jourge. the first call comes from strasbourg, pa. on the line for democrats. -- stroudsburg. caller: they not billable to walk away, but should be given help. these people bought these sums because they wanted a good life for them and their families. -- they should not be able to walk away. with the situation now in the u.s. i think they should be able to get some help. we helped everyone else -- i hate to keep saying that, but we did. take a good look at the homeowners. they tried to make their lives better. as americans we should help them not. host: ruth, what is your mortgage situation? mind is fine. i had a house before this one. my husband and i were very thrifty. i think homeowners where i am are worried about the taxes. it is killing us. the taxes will probably take our homes are now in situation. host: let's go to georgia on the line for independents. caller: good morning. i think the homeowners should not walk away. the bankers should work with the homeowners to re-fight their loans. if all we let all the american people who are under water in their homes -- what w
we will take you to george washington university where admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will be talking about the current state of the united states military. . [applause] >> good morning. listening to the president talk about who you are and why you are here what you are looking at over the course of this couple of weeks, it is a pretty exciting time. i will talk about a few things for maybe 15 minutes and then open it up to questions per i am particularly excited and delighted to be able to talk to so many of you are so young. there is not a day that goes by where i don't think about the challenges that we have just now but the challenges that are out there for you as you become leaders in our country. i applaud you being here and the fact that you are participating and debating and discussing difficult issues. this week, it is the presidency and congress and next week is the presidency and the media. that encompasses a whole lot. i will try to tell you where the military pit sent to all that. because you are at the age you are, i will tell you about my
of economic research at an institute here in washington, responsible for developing their economic work. and for product develop them. he is the author of many articles published. next to me on the left is jorg decressin, the head of the world economic studies division in the research department of the imf dechlorinates the outlook. he has led a the imf policies division and a mission to israel. his published widely on capital markets, reform, and stability, and european gross bank. he is also the author of a recent book about integrating europe's financial markets. on my immediate right, desmond lachman. he served as managing director and chief emerging markets strategist at salomon, smith barney. prior to that he was deputy director in the imf, in the policy review development department, and has written extensively on the global economy, u.s. housing market, u.s. dollar. his work at the american enterprise institute is focused on global currency issues. on my far right is hans timmer who is director of the world bank's development prospects were. under his management they produce the
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